ScanSnap Range


Fast and Smart Wi-Fi Desktop Scanner with Touch Screen


Overhead Scanner for All Types of Documents


Fast and Simple Desktop Scanner with USB Connection


Compact Scanner with Dual Scanning Methods


Wireless Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi

ScanSnap Features

Enhanced usability and functionality.

One Touch

One button scanning to maximize your efficiency. Just stack in the paperwork and press the scan button.

Wi-Fi Equiped

The iX-series connects directly to your mobile devices so you can scan wirelessly beyond your network.

Business Cards

Scan, store, edit and even export card information into applications like Outlook, Excel and Salesforce.

Scan to Cloud

Scan directly to your existing cloud services like, Dropbox, Google Docs and Salesforce accounts.

Searchable PDF

Automatically create searchable PDF (OCR) to keep them instantly accessible.

Continuous Feeding

Smoothly scan one page/stack after another without any extra button pressing.

ScanSnap Home

One stop for all ScanSnap productivity

Equipped with advanced software

The more you use Scansnap Home, the more it understands your preferences, and the better assistant it will be.

Scan large volumes with ease

You can scan large volumes of various types of documents from color photos to double-sided landscape documents with a host of intelligent automatic image processing functions.

Spend less time on naming files

ScanSnap Home uses the text found on your scanned documents to recommend file names. Edits made to file names are learned for later naming suggestions.

Spend less time on correcting files

Corrections made are reflected on successive scans, allowing you to bypass the hassle of repetitive post-scan operations.

Spend less time on finding files

Scanned data is automatically recognized and grouped into four categories: documents, receipts, business cards and photos.

ScanSnap Cloud

Send data directly to cloud services

Device-less scanning, straight to the cloud

ScanSnap Cloud allows you to send data directly from your ScanSnap iX Series to popular cloud services, sorting scanned data into document, receipt, business card and photo.

Case Studies

Customers across all industries around the world chooses ScanSnap.

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